Finding an Off-Campus Job

Students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS) are eligible to work off campus through the Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Program by a federal, state, or local public agency, or by a private nonprofit organization.  Students working through this Program are employees of Boston College and will be paid directly by the University.  Students with available FWS funds and/or qualifying organizations interested in participating in this Program should refer to Information for Employers for more information and process for approval. This is not a cost-free program for the agency.

Local public agencies including city or county governmental offices, public schools, community-owned hospitals, public libraries, community centers as well as private, nonprofit organizations can be considered for a work-study contract with Boston College.

Organizations recognized as nonprofit under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code qualify for Work-Study eligibility. Examples of private nonprofit organizations include colleges and universities, hospitals, day care centers, halfway houses, crisis centers, and summer camps. Work for sectarian (religious) organizations is permitted, but the work must be in the public interest and cannot in any way support sectarian ends.

Other Off-Campus Jobs

Any student hired for any other off-campus employer not participating in our Off-Campus FWS Program is an employee of that off-campus employer, and payment is a matter between the student and that employer.

Boston College is committed to providing information in a manner that is accessible to all. If you are in need of a printed copy of the material presented on this web page, please contact the Office of Student Services.

Academic Year Off-Campus Federal Work-Study


Summer Off-Campus Federal Work-Study


Other Off-Campus Jobs

Boston College Handshake

The Boston College Career Center’s career platform is where students can apply for jobs/internships in a broad range of industries and geographic locations. In addition to applying for jobs and internships, you can also make appointments to meet with the Career Center’s career coaches and access campus career events, including employer information sessions, career fairs, and workshops.

More information on these job and internship listings can be found on the ϱ Career Center’s website.

Boston College Eagle Exchange

The Boston College is an official online platform that fosters connections between students and Boston College alumni around the world. Eagle Exchange will help facilitate career-related conversations between you and the ϱ alumni network. The platform will provide you the opportunity to seek knowledge and advice, explore career fields of interest, and build your professional network with the global ϱ alumni community.

More information on how you can sign up for Eagle Exchange can be found on the .

Eagle Exchange is brought to you by the Boston College Alumni Association and the Career Center.

Other Part-Time Jobs

If you wish to explore other off-campus part-time/hourly student jobs (such as campus marketing/brand ambassador roles, retail/cashier positions, server/hosting at a restaurant, or babysitting/nanny/personal care/family tutoring roles), please go to,,, and Our office does not accept or post these types of jobs.

Note: We urge you not to accept any offer until you are certain of the duties and requirements of the job, as well as the salary and hours of that job and extent of your commitment. Any student hired is an employee of that employer and not an employee of Boston College. Student Services does not refer or match students to any specific job.