Still thinking...

(about a cat.)

Still enjoying the newly-refreshed back yard.  This morning, the local rabbit was back, and seems to enjoy munching grass enough not to bother with the squash starts in the "raised" bed.  (Not so raised.)

The peaches in front are prolific. They are small---the size of apricots---and very furry.  
(I'm remembering Zalman's story of having some gig in a Southern state, and his hostess looking up at him, batting long lashes, asking "Rabbah, may ah de-fuzz yo' peach faw you?")
I have given some to friends, invited passersby to take one, harvested the ones that were ready to drop into my hand, and made a GF peach cobbler this evening. 

Sending blessings--- (tired)

Saturday night

...and the deep restfulness of shabbos is over.

But I did have a lovely shabbos.
A local shul had services,dinner and speaker---that was lovely.
And I dared to wear a dress of a kind I had never worn before: sleeveless, cross-over bodice, full-ish low-calf skirt...bright 40's-ish floral print.

Today, everything went slow...
friend joined me for lunch
some calls to/from friends

and I did not open the laptop until ten o'clock this evening.

I miss havdalah with Zalman, as I missed shabbos with him.
I miss his presence in all the things we used to do together.
And still I do them:  
I still make the bed.
I still go to Eldorado Springs with the 3-gallon glass bottles to get the drinking and cooking water.
I set a peaceful and lovely shabbos table;  I light candles and send blessing to all members of the family. 
I will have finished all cooking and put boiling water in the pump thermos.
During the day I will have eaten a small breakfast, read the Torah portion, watched the visiting birds in the garden, shared shabbos lunch with a friend, walked by Viele Lake, read, dozed.
I notice that without him the Shabbos Nap often slides off the schedule and out of my mind.
No fun alone.
I am also grateful for the things I am forbidden to do on shabbos:  a blessed release from the panic-inducing content of emails these days.  The laptop rests until well after sunset, resulting in a sizable shrinkage of aggravation.

Blessings for the coming week...