Hot Monday

I am continually grateful for our impulse to drape the skylights and part of the back deck with shadecloth in the summer.  It was a very hot day, and the house is comfortably cool nevertheless.

The last trip of the day was to visit my Elder friend for a few hours, in the bed from which she will not rise.
The most distressing thing for me, and undoubtedly for her as well, is that she can no longer talk; so making her wishes understood was hit-or-miss, a collaboration between her unspecific gestures, and my guessing.
I was feeling really terrible about this, until it occurred to me that perhaps the very frustration she is experiencing at not being able to make herself understood might add to the motivation to leave it all--the bed, the hospital, the body.


How is it already...?

Thursday night?

I was up early enough to go to morning minyan.
And where did the rest of the day go...?
I've watered the garden, cleaned up the house, made a spanakopita for tomorrow...
(One cauliflower bisque and one banana chocolate-chip GF cake to go.)

A friend, met last summer at Lama Foundation, arrived this evening and will visit for the weekend.
I am remembering how delicate the process must be, to begin to get to know someone.  I am happy that this house can host old friendships and new.  
The house has not given up the imprint of the presence of my beloved; for that, even as I may feel sad, I am grateful.

Wishing us all a sweet and restorative shabbos...