Our first and foremost priority

The safety and welfare of our students abroad is our first and foremost priority. Country-specific information about health and safety is provided to students throughout the advising process and pre-departure orientation, and additional resources are available in theStudy Abroad Handbook. Students are encouraged to contact their OGE advisors with any questions or concerns prior to departure or while abroad.

Travel Advisories

We care deeply about events that occur throughout the world, including those that may impact our students abroad, international exchange students currently studying at ϱ, and our extended university community. In the event of an emergency, political crisis, or natural disaster in a city or country in which the OGE currently has a program in session, OGE staff will be in close contact with our on-site colleagues, students, and emergency contacts as necessary. Our staff will also be in contact with our international exchange students regarding events that occur in their home countries.

The OGE monitors a variety of sources on international safety and security on a daily basis, including the(ٴdz)Ի(ٰ)屹ǰ,, local media, as well as updates from on-site staff around the world. We recommend that students and their parents also stay informed. Under the current DoS system, every country has a travel advisory providing levels of advice from 1-4. As of November 2020, the CDC has implemented a new Travel Health Notice system with a four-level scale focusing specifically on , as well as new recommendations regarding testing and international air travel for travelers.

In the rare event of a severe natural or political disaster abroad, ϱ has anevacuation planin place.

In an Emergency

In a medcal emergency abroad, go to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contactCISI Team Assist at:855-327-1411.

In the event of an emergency, public health or political crisis, or natural disaster in a city or country in which the OGE currently has a program in session, OGE staff will be in close contact with our on-site colleagues, students, and emergency contacts as necessary. Our staff will also be in contact with our international exchange students regarding events that occur in their home countries.

Medical Coverage

Boston Collegepartners with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)to provide health and emergency services to Boston College studentswhile traveling and living outside the United States.

Please note that CISI does not replace requiredmedical insurance within the United States. Rather, it will provide you with medical services and assistanceoverseas.The ϱ plan includes Political and Natural Disaster evacuation services. General policy exclusions apply. Program coverage dates vary by program.Prior to traveling, please review the documents listed here:

OGE will enroll you in the CISI plan by your program's start date. Students participating in external programs with a waiver (see below) will not be enrolled in CISI.

Once enrolled, students need to register online by logging intomyCISIat

The website will then give you access to a large number of medical care providers and facilities abroad that directly work with CISI. With this service and coverage plan, there is no need for a separate claim to your health insurance company in the United States. You simply need to show your CISI membership card and all billing will be done directly between the provider and CISI.

Students can log into myCISI to:

  • Check coverage dates 24/7
  • Create/replace personalized: ID cards, Consulate letter, Certificate of insurance
  • Enter trip-specific details for tracking
  • Purchase additional insurance coverage
  • Gain access to helpful links and resources tailored to your program 
If you require emergency assistance, you should go to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contactCISI Team Assist at 855-327-1411.

screenshot of iphone showing CISI app

Explore myCISI Mobile App

Instantly access your travel insurance documents, view country-specific travel alerts and personal security assistance information, search medical providers worldwide and much more!

The Boston College CISI policy is in effect for allstudents studying abroad on ϱ semester and summer programs, including most approved external programs. Please note that only students attending external programs who have their own CISI policy comparable to ϱ will be able to request a waiver of the ϱ coverage. American Councils, API, CIS Abroad, and IES students must keep ϱ’s CISI policy due to differences in coverage. Consult with your OGE advisor for details.

We recommend that students look into purchasing travel cancelation insurance. Boston College students have the option to purchaseCFAR/IFARthrough a CISI-vetted partner, Travel Insured International, subject to terms and conditions.

By logging into , you will be able to request and review a quote for Trip Cancellation for Any Reason and Trip Interruption for Any Reason. Please keep in mind this plan is completely separate from the CISI Boston College Travel Abroad Insurance Coverage. This plan can be purchased with a major credit card.

Students traveling abroad before the start of their program, orthose who wish to remain abroad after the programends have the option to extended their CISI coverage through the plan.

Additional Resources

AlertTraveler offers a world of up-to-date country and city travel intelligence in your pocket, including location safety scores and practical information. Keep up to date with timely alerts based on your GPS location, the travel itinerary you submitted to your institution, and by creating opt-in subscriptions.

Among its many features, AlertTraveler allows you to:

  • View safety maps
  • Call local emergency services
  • Receive check-ins from Boston College in the event of an incident
  • Receive information about country safety and intelligence
  • Receive country alerts

How to access AlertTraveler
Download the and enable GPS location and alert features

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), along with our Travel Assistance partner, AXA Assistance, are proud to launch Doctor Please, a global teleconsultation service.

Doctor Please is with you anytime, anywhere:
• 24/7 virtual medical care via app or phone
• Prescriptions managed globally
• Trained, licensed and experienced doctors
• Multi-language capabilities

When can I use the teleconsultation service?
Doctor Please can be useful when:
• I am seeking medical advice
• I forgot my medicine and need a prescription for a chronic condition
• I have a non-emergency ailment and don’t want to waste time in a hospital waiting room.

Our doctors diagnose and treat minor illnesses, injuries, infections, colds and allergies.For lifethreatening or major incidents, seek care right away.

How to access Doctor Please

• Contact AXA Assistance by phone
• AXA will verify eligibility and provide you with an activation code
• Download the app via Google Play or App Store
• Register and enter the access code
• Enter personal details, request a video or call back
• Access to an MD via video or phone
• Coverage is based off your policy benefits and limits

How to Access ϱ Safe App

ϱ Safe is the official mobile safety app for Boston College. You can use the app throughout the day to find essential information and to quickly check bus schedules, weather updates, search for key contacts, get helpful travel information, access emergency guidance and much more. Boston College Public Safety maintains the app. Regardless if you are a student, faculty, staff, alumni, visitor or a friendly neighbor, ϱ Safe has something for you!

  • Get help, receive emergency notifications, find emergency, support and other key resources & contacts;
  • How to Respond emergency guides;
  • Friend Walk to share your location in real time with family or friends;
  • Maps & Transportation to find out where shuttle buses are, where to park, find your way on campus;
  • Travel Safety & Weather to assist with keeping you aware and safe during your day and travel.
screenshot of iphone showing ϱ Safe app

How to Download:

  1. Download the ϱ Safe app by visiting either the Apple iTunes Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Search for ϱ Safe and download (it only takes about 30 seconds). Be sure to allow notifications, which pushes ϱ alerts to your device.
  3. Launch the ϱ Safe app! Start exploring the app and become familliar with its capabilities and features.

How to Access WellTrack

WellTrack is a secure and anyonymous way for users to assess their personal well-being and quickly gain access to resources tailored to help them make progress in changing thoughts and behaviors that are not working for them. Some of the specific tools WellTrack offers are videos, relaxation exercises, mood tracking tools, and written exercises to help raise awareness and work on addressing unhelpful thought patterns.

WellTrackaccess for the Boston College community has been paid for by University Counseling Services.

screenshot of iphone showing Welltrack app

To Create an Account:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your access code:ϱWelltrack, and create an account.
  3. Watch for an email fromsupport@welltrack.com to confirm your account. ϱ Information Technology Services recommends using a non-ϱ email account.
  4. You are now logged in and ready to begin your course.