Only three weeks

I got home with the repaired car just in time for shabbos---to find that a local Chabad friend had sent over one of her exquisite challahs, plus two cupcakes. What a wonderful gift; and how timely.

Although I have been following the seasons, I feel not yet ready for the High Holy Days, which are coming so soon. I feel like I have only just gone out onto the roof to put the shadecloth over the skylights; and now, in no time at all, I will be taking it all down and putting up the sukkah.
Things are shaking up: the car had an expensive emergency, but was saved. The screen for the bathroom skylight fell into the shower, and even with a ladder I cannot put it back up.
Weather is still warm; but it lets us know, at night, that change is on the way.
Mishka the cat has come onto the desk by my arm; she settles into a nice crouch, but does not lie down: she knows I will be turning off the laptop, turning out the lights and heading up to bed soon.

I wish us a week of all the needed blessings, as we skid toward the High Holy Days.