Almost there

It has been an utterly full day, starting with early minyan, followed by a round of grocery shopping plus a trip to the used furniture place to replace a broken unfixable chair. Some time home, cooking for a potluck. The potluck: delightful, small. One man who had met and known Zalman, z'l, way early, in Boston and in New York. It both warms my heart to hear others' stories of him, and makes me wistful.

We are about to fall into the intensity of this liturgical season.
It has been building this whole month, and truly began at minyan this morning, with the ceremonial annulment of vows.
Tomorrow, early in the morning, we make the annual journey to Indian Hot Springs for the pre-High Holy Day mikveh. Then it is shabbos, and in no time Rosh Hashanah.

I know that it is traditional to ask pardon for any wrongdoing or offense I might have committed this past year, and I do so.
But I also want to give thanks for the gifts of the year as well---
so I want to thank you, for continuing to accompany me on this journey, and for offering your own experiences and insights.

Wishing us all a good shabbos.
Good night.