Mishka dozing

...curled up on the desk next to my right arm and the laptop, fast asleep. Now and then she stirs and does some spontaneous grooming, or a wonderful stretch-and-yawn.

It was a day of catching-up.
Meanwile, that strange and familiar feeling of drawing inward has arrived, in preparation for the tasks of the season. The High Holy Days are really coming, even if that is hard to believe on a day when the temperature reached a hundred degrees.

I discovered a small shopping bag that had hidden beneath the driver's seat of the car very very well for more than a week.
It suddenly presented itself, and its rotted food...Not only usless and a sad waste, but really stinky as well.
I can hear that tiny tinny voice inside my head asking what other once-robust parts of me have been allowed to hide beneath the furniture of my mind so long that they are truly no longer usable, and furthermore, they stink.
A sister voice wonders how to retrieve my full mind.

Mishka has fallen into a very deep sleep beside the laptop on the desk. Her paws twitch; she may be chasing dream-mice.
May she catch them.

Good night; blessed Elul.