All sorts of things

What a full day.

First the wonderful tree guys came to replace a tree they had mistakenly cut down with another that would do well in its place---a lovely young Norway maple.

Overlapping that, the new veterinarian who does house calls arrived.
She's okay; but I miss our wonderful vet who just retired, who would try homeopathy first before hauling out the big guns. Mishka did tolerate her shaving off a seriously matted area (she's a long-haired cat), looking in her ears and mouth, and weighing her.

On the heels of that, a friend arrived who had driven all the way up from Denver to visit---a delight.
Later in the afternoon, the Farmer's Market; I could see and feel the day shorter, heading towards Fall. Still, we meet strangers, support independent small farmers, jostle and bump and greet each other.

Now it is almost already the end of the week, and I can feel us edging closer to the High Holy Days.
I am not ready.
Then I remember---I say that every year.

Good night.