Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 13 minutes ago

I enjoyed visiting with the house guest, enjoyed going to shul this morning, enjoyed quiet afternoon at home. Late afternoon I headed out to walk in the Open Space, the nearby semi-wild area. I encountered walkers heading down where I was about to head up: "Rattlesnake on the path up there."
I changed route, and went up the next street, the one we used to live on.

I met a stranger hiking with what looked like a day's supplies, and we began to talk. I finally invited him to continue walking with me to the enormous dark green water tank at the end of the trail---
where the holy-graffiti-blessing that Zalman, z'l, spray-painted on the tank continues to bleed through multiple dark green re-paintings. The obscene teenage graffiti disappears beneath re re-painting, to be replaced with the next batch.
The blessing never leaves.

I'm grateful to find that some of the most unexpected and wonderful things don't change.