It has been an unusual shabbos.

Some members of the community feeling an urgency about trying to help free and resettle refugees currently locked up at the border proposed a fundraiser of local body-workers giving treatments today to raise money for them.
I ordinarily would not do such work on shabbos; but since it is a matter of pikuach nefesh, saving a life, I went. (Most who know me through my connection with Zalman, z'l, may not know that I spent decades doing body work and body-oriented psychotherapy professionally.)
The room was beautifully set up with tables and low light.
But almost nobody came.
I ended up working on another volunteer, and leaving early.

Afternoon and early evening I had the delight of visiting with friends from out of town.

And when shabbos was truly over, I opened email to the current barrage of bad news.
I am very grateful that we are commanded to put all that aside during shabbos, and recalibrate in relation to the Eternal.
I might even make it through another week.