A day that wandered

The unexpected incursion of Death disorients everything.
Much of this day consisted of prayer---that the soul catapulted so unexpectedly from its body find its right place, be met by benign beings, be turned away from despair.

Family remaining here now bear the pain that had been unbearable for the one who has left us.

And in my own small life, as another day unrolled before me, I was able to give some very small comfort, and some soup. I was able (with help) to unroll the shadecloth that covers the skylights, cooling the house for summer; and to assemble a small-ish exercise machine. I was able to deliver food, and do those small things that compose much of a normal day. I had the fortune this evening to run into friends unexpectedly, meet their grown children and their delightful dog.
Now Mishka has come to join me on this desk, next to the laptop; eyes half-closed, purring.

These apparently insignificant things that make up a normal day are thrown into relief and felt as precious, as valued---these precious ordinary things that make up our ordinary days.
This juxtaposition of intensely felt grief and gratitude is almost unbearable.

I will go up now to the place where I review my days and pray before sleep.
Good night.