It is a great gift to visit with an old friend for long enough for the layers of stories, from past to intensely present, to unfold.
Also a gift to rediscover the city of my origin anew:  both of us have changed.  A lot.
And a gift to pay a longer visit to the cousin with whom I have often stayed.  Staying there is not a possibility now:  the guest room hosts a full-time helper.  But we did have a lovely, long  and leisurely visit.
Later, I rediscovered the benefits of not having a smart phone with access to lyft or uber:  I walked all through downtown to get from my friend's house to the restaurant for dinner with my cousins; at least a mile and a half.
And then this evening exchanging deeper layers of stories, history, memories.
This is and is not the city I grew up in.
I am and am not the one who used to live here.

Good night.