After shabbos, in Philadelphia

It has been an unusually rich day---visiting with cousins:  seeing my wonderful cousin with whom I often stayed while in Philly, along with my cousin-the-lawyer and her son, my contemporary; and a cousin who now also lives downtown, and also worked as a psychologist.
The other rare treat is visiting with the friend with whom I am staying; we've known each other since i was twleve years old, and have seen each other through all sorts of things.  (Her:  marriages, divorces and kids; me, travels, living in different countries, and marriage relatively late.)
She lives on a short, winding and very narrow street.  In the short time I have been here, I have seen that this is truly a neighborhood.  It is richly varied, and people actually know and talk to one another.

It is taking me time to get used to City; and I am finding it interesting.
Navigating is not as easy as it once was:  the patterns of the city have changed, and I so have I.  
Still---I am liking the great variety.

We have stayed up talking until quite late, and I've used up all my words.
Good night; good week.