Philadelphia many different geographies in one city.  Even the citi-est parts of the city may have parks, trees, woods, creeks, green, green, green.
Besides the pleasure of a friend's company, I got to explore more of Philly than I had intended.
I picked up the rental car, plugged in my Garmin, programmed it to direct me from a suburb of Philly to my friend's house in the south part of downtown...and followed its directions as it led me into further and further reaches of the suburbs.  I finally realized my Garmin had gone senile or psychotic; and where do you find paper maps any more?  
I struck out on my own as Garmin continued to give bad advice.
It took a long time, crawling through "bad" neighborhoods, (which to me looked lively and engaging,) entering at last into the downtown-bound maze of freeways during rush hour, while Garmin exhorted me to exit at the Philadelphia Zoo.  
A combination of luck and reflexes brought me across downtown to my friend's neighborhood, where I finally parked.  She met me and escorted me first to a legal parking spot, then back to her place, nestled into a row of narrow three-story houses on a very narrow short and crooked street.  
I am now perched in the guest bedroom on the third floor, happy to be here and very very tired.
I am still wondering why Garmin was mad at me, and for what neglect or abuse at my hand it was exacting revenge.
I hope by tomorrow it may have mended its ways; if I want to visit friends and family, I will have to venture forth.
Good night.