Fully back into the week

Yes:  kitty litter.  Weeds.  Batteries.  The credit union.  Leftover chicken soup.
Lush grass, determined thistles, violets, golden currant bushes, peonies.  Bathing birds.  The great McGuckin's Hardware Store's upcoming annual tent sale.  Mishka the cat who sometimes hides.

Technology is resenting that I complained in great detail about the demise of my sweet old bank, which once was so humane and warm and helpful.  I saved the writing, and another paragraph (in which I complained bitterly about the bank's new incarnation, gobbled up by a big nastybank) as a draft while I looked up a book title---and my laptop ate it whole, chomp! (urrp), and will not spit it back up.  I leave you to imagine...

The title I paused to check was Momo, by Michael Ende---a so-called children's book dealing with the theft of time, and the taking-over of human and humane institutions by cold "efficiency", leaching the color from the world.

My beloved would have reminded me that Shabbos is an antidote, a built-in corrective to the current relentless commodification of Time.  I sigh with relief.  Then I am reminded that the daily practice of prayer, touching base with what is eternal and within which time and space have their being, is another link to sanity.

I think I will go upstairs now, and sink into that state before going to bed.
I wish us all dreams that revivify...
Good night..