I did not make it to early minyan.
did have a meditative and prayerful early morning.

I've begun clearing the worst offenders from the garden. The wild grasses and flowers are lush. The dandelions have gone to seed, so we will have more soon.  I've checked recipes for dandelion wine, and they mostly begin with "Take five gallons of dandelion heads..."
Nope; I don't grow enough dandelions.
Maybe I'll just harvest and cook up the leaves; they're bitter, but very healthy.
(I remember this from when Zalman z'l was instructed to eat blanched dandelion leaves daily---this involved pouring-boiling-water-and-straining three times to lessen the bitterness.)

This afternoon the very kind man who takes care of the sprinkler system came and turned it on, checked it, and had all sorts of good ideas for designing a better raised bed for next year.
The neighborhood rabbit checked the garden out early this morning...The raised bed is just fine by her.

I have not accomplished nearly what I had intended this week; and it is almost shabbos.
I have not done anywhere near what I had hoped today; I am falling asleep at the keyboard.
And tomorrow night is shabbos, and I have to let it all go.
Wishing us all a good shabbos...