Today was the day to catch up in the world of 'Assiyah---the physical world.  Quite literally, the world of the body; the world of doing.
In the morning, the yearly dental cleaning and exam, with a new dentist.  (My dear old dentist had died, and I had gone back to his practice for the twice-yearly cleaning.  The young new dentist who had bought his practice cheerfully told me there was a small cavity in my upper back molar, and she would need to do comprehensive ex-rays, etc.)  I thought I should get a second opinion, and sure enough:  no cavity.
I had all my years of records from my dear deceased dentist sent to my new (as of today) dentist.

Then to the eye doc for the monthly injection into the eyeball.
She is delighted with the progress of the eye that received surgery.

On the way home, I visited a friend who was enjoying the company of her very little grandson.  I got to see his slightly bigger sister and mom.  And to delight in seeing how my friend The Bubbe so deeply enjoyed her grandkids---showing them new things, playing, giving her complete attention without any wish to be elsewhere.

Then, at last, home.
Where I am going to try the highly recommended but for me very difficult practice of closing down the laptop more-or-less early, and going upstairs to bed.
Blessings, blessings...