Heading right into it

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 23 minutes ago

Everything happens at once.
Today, a neurological exam.
Tomorrow, an eye exam and probably an injection.
In between, the kosher nicely-treated chickens for the seder arrived and are duly relegated to the freezer.  
The kitchen is a mess.  The refrigerator needs serious culling.  Maybe I just lock up the pantry altogether and "sell" it; although that feels like cheating. 
And what about the Magical Mystery Pantry Beneath the Stairs? 
I know I have written before that the real chometz is between our ears---the recurring voices or whispers that distract, distort perspective, or diminish a sense of worth. I find some variant of those voices every year; they are faithful, they like the spot, they return.  Or perhaps they never leave.

Blessings, everybody, for a good and deep night's sleep, and enlightening dreams.