Snow; closer

Oy, and it's almost shabbos too...

It snowed so hard here that the visiting archive/library evaluator has had to postpone flying.
So I made a soup; what else can you do?
And I have had a rich, full day of BOOKS.
We got to visit the Reb Zalman Archives at the university.
Then the beautiful Reb Zalman room at the new JCC.
Then to the house of a wonderful woman who hauled off the containers of books left at the old JCC and has kept them safe in the second floor, above the horse stable.  (That was wonderful.  Got to meet two horses and a goat.)
Then to shop for veggies and goodies, and a beautiful leisurely and very delicious dinner of the soup, salad, lovely good cheese and crackers---beautiful and elegant.
And best of all, good company.

Good night.