Cat now curled up on the desk next to the laptop purring, with one paw draped over my arm.

It has been a welcome shabbos.  
Last night, it was snowing hard, and friends had to help me clear the car so I could make it home from shul.  Today, it all melted; by this evening one would hardly know that it had snowed so abundantly.  
I am remembering Zalman's stories of walking to and from shul in the winter in Winnipeg, arriving with icicles hanging from his mustache.

I am beginning to think about Pesach already; it is time to begin cleaning closets, pantries, cabinets---
a task I look forward to and dread in equal proportions.
The REAL "chometz"---fermented stuff---lives on my desk.  I've no idea what I might find in these archeological layers of paper.  I know the desk was clear and beautiful for a moment  last year, so surely it can happen again.  (Do papers mate and reproduce in the night while we're asleep?)