Erev ...


Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 15 minutes ago

               ready to go to sleep.

Beautiful day.  We walked in the Open Space all the way to the big green water tank where Zalman sprayed holy graffiti all those years ago. He did it after those studies by Emoto came out, suggesting that water molecules configure differently---and beautifully---when the water is in a vessel on which are written positive words.
So he wrote words of blessing, and they persist.
They keep repainting the tank green; his graffiti keeps bleeding through.
I feel a little purr of satisfaction whenever I go there and find his words still readable.

Tonight my visiting friend and I dressed up and went to shul to celebrate and hear the reading of the Megillah of Esther.
What a story.

We go back early tomorrow morning to hear it again.
Which means I should go upstairs to sleep.  
(Mishka curled up beside the laptop giving off deep-cat-sleep vibes.)
Mrowr.  G'night.