Late, late...

I see on my laptop that we have just tilted into Sunday; in my own mind, it is late, but still Saturday.
Mishka is curled on the desk next to the laptop, dozing and purring.
I am finally tired enough to go upstairs to bed.

It has been a beautifully extended shabbos---I have had the joy of listening to visiting scholar Danny Matt unwrap the context and content of the Zohar, central book of Jewish Mysticism. We all wandered together among the concepts, and from the Reform shul to the Conservative and back, with Renewal-niks tucking themselves in as well.  I appreciate this community's capacity to swim over boundaries, and to honor fine scholars.

Tomorrow, many of us from all the local religious communities will gather at the Islamic Center of Boulder, to grieve the massacre at the mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand; and, I hope, to take measures so that such incidents do not happen again.  I count "prayer" in as one of the tools of an activist, along with others.