How odd...

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 15 minutes ago

It is a peaceful, lovely night.
I had plans to take a three-hour class at the JCC in the morning, get to a doctor appointment in the afternoon, and attend a film in honor of a wonderful community member in the evening.
Then we all got the word that we are supposed to get enogh snow to call it a blizzard tomorrow.

The class has been cancelled, I sent an email warning to the doc's office, and I still have mild hopes for the film in the evening.
Meanwhile, I bought salt for the sidewalks, checked that the shovels are by the door, brought in wood for the woodstove and stocked up on ingredients for French Onion Soup.

Whatever happens, it should be an interesting and possibly celebrative day tomorrow.  When enough people are disrupted from their routine, all sorts of uncharacteristically good things are free to happen.
I can't wait to see how it will turn out.

Tune in tomorrow for the report.