A beautiful Sunday 



Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 11 minutes ago

First some good news:  my concerns for another were taken in the spirit in which they were meant.

Second, more good news:  friend will be released from the hospital, and is expected to do well.

Third:  I am indeed going to try to set up a new cell phone.  I have blessedly done without one for about three weeks (or so?) Ah, made me remember the Good Old Days.  But it's time...

Which reminds me about the Fourth:  I need to start learning the lyrics to the song for the upcoming fundraiser,  "Jewish Broadway".

Fifth:  I gave a class for parents of prospective b'nai mitzvah this morning, and enjoyed it tremendously.  I should consider doing more.

And on an ongoing basis:  Mishka the Cat is well.  She is often at my side while I type.  She loves Zalman's (z'l) recliner.  When I sit in it to read, she appropriates my lap.  Also likes lap-sitting when I'm in a chair reading up in the bedroom.  Goes back downstairs to sleep in the recliner, and wakens me with the kind of piercing meow I only used to associate with alleycats engaged in immoral behavior.  
In her case, it just means:  BREAKFAST!!!

Blessings for a good week.