Dozing cat......

-->curled up beside the laptop, on the desk.

So peaceful. She really is an inspiration to close up, go upstairs, do my last bit of writing in my paper journal with my fountain pen, maybe read a little, and go to bed at a decent hour.

Everything is muffled and quiet, with the bit of snowfall this afternoon and evening.

It says "make some tea or warm some milk and go upstairs for the night."

I think of the nights we did that together, each reading quietly, separate and together at once.

I know I have written before how it feels strangely so long ago and only yesterday...

Time comes apart at the seams.

Part of the quiet is the house itself, muffled by the light snow.

A good night to go upstairs, open the shades with the lights off, and see the balcony and trees and telephone wires dressed in white.

Good night.