Midweek, which means...

...it is almost shabbos.

A line from a Yiddish song floats through my mind: "Di ridlach drehen sach; di yoren gehen sach..."

("The wheels turn; the years go...") I hear it in the voice of Theo Bikel, z'l, singing in his 70's.

The 70's are coming!

The short-term memory is going.

The cat is curled up beside the laptop purring.

(She is fine as long as I remember to feed her first thing in the morning and again at dusk.)


The eye doctor checked how this eye is doing, and is very pleased: she says it is improving, and she expects it to continue doing so.

That is great: I thought that however it came out after the surgery was IT.

I am very grateful.


Now I just have to find the way to persuade my memory to hitch a ride with my eye and improve back into normalcy.

I am going to do the unthinkable: close down the computer early, and go upstairs.

There, I write---by hand, with a fountain pen, in a blank journal---and read and meditate and davven before bed.

What a blessed luxury.

Good night.