Late, late, late...

A blessing on the head/hands/heart of the acupuncturist.
She has heped me recover piece by piece from the bad fall I took in my own living room last week...

I surprised myself by prefering quiet and solitude this evening, to a potluck with lovely people.  I am grateful for the inwardness leading me towards the High Holy Days.  I am glad that by now, my system does this by itself, with no coercion.  Actually, without even suggestion.  My internal system feels the weather, takes note of the earlier sunsets, begins to ready me for the upcoming holidays that demand real depth of introspection.

Housemate has returned, and we stayed up too late catching up.
But I am very grateful; a good friend is a true gift, one that I appreciate more and more as we all grow older.

I wish us all a deeply nourishing shabbos.  
Good night.

Blessings; good shabbos.