Early, tonight

It is Lag B'Omer, and it is also the time for the dress rehearsal for the upcoming benefit performance, "Jewish Broadway".  (We've done this for some years now; my mind wanders to possible titles: "Reprise of Jewish Broadway", "Son of Jewish Broadway", "Jewish Broadway Returns", "Again Jewish Broadway?", "Jewish Broadway Yet Again" and "You Thought We Were Done With Jewish Broadway?!")

I should be at this very moment both at the Chabad Lag B'Omer celebration and the dress rehearsal.
Instead I am at home sniffling, blowing my nose, sneezing, drinking hot tea and hoping it wil be all gone by Sunday.  I can't sing in this state...unless I could do a quick study of Adelaide's song frm "Guys and Dolls": ..."a poisson/could develop a cold."

Good night, good shabbos, ah-CHOO.