And after

-->Purim. Hearing the Megillah again early this morning, I remembered:  each time I hear it, something different stands out.  This morning, it was Haman as a tragi-comic figure---
Inflated.  Insatiable.  Amoral.  Narcissistic. Holds grudges.
Sound like anyone we know?

Then home, to begin to restore order.  First, the laptop, which has been having trouble with my small local email server.  I hope I can stay with this server.  Surely it was started by Naropa graduate-geeks, who got a kick out of calling the company Indra's Net.  
Then the accummulated mail-detritus on the kitchen island.  And the pile of partially read magazines in the growing pile by the kitchen phone.

And what do I plan to cook for shabbos?  Oh, I've got a lovely cauliflower...a bisque?

I recognize this foggy, distracted state of mind.
It happens when I am missing Zalman unbearably.
It's meant to protect me from pain.
It doesn't work.

I wish us all a deeply restorative shabbos.