How can it already be Tuesday night?

I can barely remember back to this morning.

I visited with a younger friend over brunch, and with an older one over pre-dinner snack.

I began more serious arrangements re my trip to Philly.

Nothing is as it has been: the cousin with whom I usually stay will not have the room free this time; it might be needed to house live-in nursing staff. Will she want visitors at all? The friend downtown with whom I might otherwise stay is currently at a hotel because of fire in her house. The Chanukah party I would love to attend takes place only a few hours after I land.

I wonder if I can cram the clothes I'll need into a carry-on...and all the visits I hope to accomplish into the days I will have there.

I have made an appointment for a second opinion about my eyes at Wills Eye Hospital---which I find both reassuring and scary.

Meanwhile, Mishka the Cat is curled on her side beside my right arm and the laptop, fast asleep, as has become her custom. She does not do this during they day; only at night.

I wish us all deep sleep and remembered dreams.

Good night.