Cat tail tonight

...draped on the keyboard.

She's dozing and purring.

Further baby-proofed the house: stoppers in the electrical outlets, fragile clay pots in a closet. Electric radiator warming their room; I will have to turn it off tomorrow. Oops, a vase on a low shelf: into the closet.

Cleaned out the refrigerator of forgotten things; will shop in the morning.

Oh, need to get more fragile things off the coffee table in the living room.

I've already placed the matches near the wood stove out of reach, and the hatchet on the high shelf in the closet.

(Cat stretch-and-yawn, followed by cat-snore.)

I'm in the stretch-and-yawn phase myself, and should take myself off to bed.

I will try to write while the family is here, but do not promise, because--you never know.

Blessings, blessings---


Good night.