It is quite wonderful how a big snowfall muffles the sharp sounds, and everything is soft for a while.

This afternoon I joined a group of elders for lunch; it has finally occurred to me that I will turn 70 in a few months, and I am beginning to sniff the air for the place that I belong...

These are very awake and interesting people, and I hope to stay in touch with them.

I am aware that I am swimming, in my mind, in uncharted waters now. That awareness has mostly been served up to me by my body, which is showing wear and tear---particularly by the diagnosis of wet macular degeneration. With treatment, one eye is beginning to improve; the other is not, so far.

I seem to be dealing with this new reality with equal parts practical optimism and denial.

Of course the medical treatments; and of course, prayer. (You are welcome to add yours, if you are so inclined: Chava Rochel bat Batsheva.) Then it also seems likely, to me, that nutrition would make a difference; so out go most simple carbs again.

I am remembering the relative grace with which Zalman faced what he called the inevitable diminishments. I watched him do this over the years...and I am now older than he was when we first got together.

Now that's food for thought!