A robust Thursday

Mishka the Cat ended up spending the whole night sleeping atop the duvet between my feet.

She seemed surprised that I rose so early---Thursday morning minyan---and stayed warm in bed until I was dressed and headed downstairs. Then she somehow beat me to the kitchen, and waited by her bowl with her breakfast-meow. I put out her food, then took off for morning minyan.

...followed by grocery shopping and a raft of errands. I stocked up on goodies for guests; I seem to believe that guests will be coming this winter. I refilled supplies in the guest bathroom.

Home again, I slogged through the recurring quicksand of political dreck on the computer, then finally could return to my own work.

Collected and combined leftovers for dinner.

Looked at my calendar and realized that tomorrow's schedule is overfull of good things---I had best go to bed early tonight, if I want to be present to my own day.

Tomorrow morning, one of my favorite excursions: to Eldorado Springs for water.

Lunch with one of my favorite people; later, tea with another favorite person.

Then a peaceful and quiet erev shabbos at home---at least, that's the plan. But we never know...

Wishing you all a sweet shabbos.