Furry ears--->

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 56 minutes ago

resting on the right edge of the laptop.

What an odd cat---most of the rest of the day she ignores me, except to ask for more food.

But once I am sitting at the desk working, she comes and curls by my right, partly on the edge of the laptop, where she is right now: shielding her eyes with a paw, Mishka dozes, breathing evenly, punctuated by an occasional twitch.

Today was a day of errands: restoring the supply of larger bags of little bags of beef jerky that I give to panhandlers; stocking up on paper towels and toilet paper----all the signs that Autumn is really here.

Today was a perfect Colorado Autumn day: not too hot, not too cold; bright and clear and crisp.


I've been reviewing Zalman's schema of seven-year segments in a life.

This winter, I will be entering my 70th year, and, according to his map, should be both drawing inward and dispensing wisdom.

While it is true that my body is right on schedule---producing complaints new in nature and scope---and that, since his death, I have indeed drawn inward (while paradoxically sharing the journey publicly,) I'm skeptical about the wisdom part.

I have been reminded that I could register to participate in a weekend of Continuum---the work of the late Emilie Conrad Daoud, that wakens the body to its own deep pulsatory streaming.

I know very clearly that this would waken my body on multiple levels; I do not know whether I am willing. Because by our age, we all know that waking the body wakens the slumbering psyche...

and maybe this is wise.

And maybe not.

Good night and good shabbos; I'll be back, G-d willing, after havdalah.