Almost, almost

The celebration of the end/the beginning of the Torah cycle, with live music, and dancing with the Torah, is a remarkable thing, in the tradition that Zalman imported from the Chassidic practice in Jewish Renewal---each of the seven dances with the Torahs in the spirit of each of the seven lower Sephirot of the Jewish mystical tradition. It is a celebration both outwardly wild-ish and inwardly contemplative.

I was assigned to lead the last of the seven, Malchut, for which r' Tirzah asked me to sing "What a Wonderful World". The celebration was both inward and social, for me. I was very happy to be there, among so many folks who helped bring us here, settle here...

Mishka the cat (is that really her name?) is curled up on the desk at my left, partly sprawled on the keyboard, napping.

I took for granted that the person I had thought of to housesit when I travel at the end of the week would be able to do so---OOPS. Yikes.

I am faling asleep at the keyboard.

Hope to be more articulate tomorrow.