I've stayed inside, rested plenty, reached family by email, only a few by phone, blown my nose lots, and been half-out-of-it.  I am still half-out-of-it. It has been raining on and off, making the ground soft enough for Netanel (bless him) to dig up the roots of the burdock plants that invaded my yard.  I'm going to try pickling them; will report on results.

I received the gift of some photographs of Zalman and me at the Kallah in 2005.  Looking at them warms my heart---followed by the physical feeling of the hollowness left by his absence.

The cold that has taken up residence in my head seems to have pushed the "off" switch to my mind.  The only thing awake in there right now seems to be the part that knows how to blow my nose.  (Honk.)  
I will spare you any more ramblings and go to bed relatively early.