Even worse

I slept longer last night than I remember sleeping all at once in years.  And I went back for another nap once a friend reminded me that the panel was in the afternoon, not at 9 a.m.  I am still sniffly and congested, achey and froggy-throated.
Nevertheless, the event at the Shambala Center was lively, interesting, timely and warm.
I came home needing a comfort-soup just to offset the physical exhaustion.  
It is only 7:15, and it is already getting dark.  Both cats are taking this seriously, and are fast asleep, Mazal in Zalman's recliner, Bracha in her basket beside me.  I may need to use the neti pot first, (don't even try to visualize that,) but then I think it's time for me to go upstairs and get into a warm nighty and fuzzy socks, and maybe a good book (which may go unread.)
Well, if I had to get a cold, I'm glad it was now and not during the High Holy Days when I want to be in shul.

Sleep well, everybody.  Ah-CHOO.