Ahhh...grateful, as always, for Shabbat.

The house holds such quiet for this one day every week.  The phone does not ring (mostly.)  I do not open the laptop.  I do sometimes go to shul; other times, like today, I read the weekly portion here at home.  I do take a walk, sometimes slow and contemplative like today, noticing the geese, the lake, people's dogs, the mountains, the changing sky.


And except for that walk, I stayed home:  Bracha the cat is so sick, so skinny, so quiet.  Unusually, twice today Mazal, her co-cat, snuggled up near her, spooning. (They have kept a formal distance for years.)

I am waiting for the signs the vet named as signals that she may want help out; they have not come.  


My temporary housemate is temporarily elsewhere.  I have enjoyed her company.

The next two months have visitors coming, and me both writing and preparing to teach.

I know I have been invited out into the world again; I feel partially ready to go.

(For you back East:  I will be leading a weekend at The Abode of the Message in New Lebanon, NY, August 25-27.  I'm thinking of calling it "A Weekend in the Garden with Eve".)


Blessings for a week that brings us in this world closer to generosity, balance, harmony.