Already after midnight

NOTE:  I may not have internet access from Tuesday through Sunday.   I promise to keep notes and catch you up when I return home.


Oh my.

And I thought I had broken the habit of the-late-night-before-travel...but obviously, I haven't.

My practice---not consciously adopted---has been to write and mail the tzedakah checks before going on a trip.  I somehow register the pile of charities-intended-but-not-fulfilled on my desk as even more embarrassing than being found by the police after (cholilah) an auto accident with torn underwear.  (What our mothers all warned us against.)  Here it is again, the pile of pleas for tzedakah.  I'll do them in the morning before leaving.  


Not that I'm prepared and packed---I haven't, entirely.

Nor actually chosen what I will take.

But I did pick up itty-bitty-mini toiletries, and nuts and seeds that I toasted and seasoned for snacks on the road.  And I stocked up on the cats' favorite food, and litter.  And showed the friend who is housesitting how to dismantle and clean the cats' water fountain.  

And I've gathered what I would like to give when I arrive.  And water for the trip.  And a thermos for coffee.  And in the course of the errands this afternoon, I bumped into five different women I'd not seen in a long time, and each one of them required a visit---a pleasure.


So now it's one a.m. and I am still awake and still not packed and the tzedakah checks are still not written and my mind is quietly reciting a litany ("simplify, simplify") and I hear the memory-echo of my beloved's voice floating down the stairs: "Hartzeleh, come to bed already..."  and since it has somehow gotten to be one a.m., I will.

Even though he will not be there to throw back the covers, welcome me into his arms and the warm spot on the bed, and softly snuffle and snore me to sleep.