Purim is supposed to blow our minds a little, turn us inside-out.

Last night I dressed as "The Blues".  

Today, I was a full-blown witch:  black dress, black scarf, black stockings and lace-up boots; hair still streaked with blue, but mostly hidden within my tall, pointy black witch's hat with feathers.  After shul, a friend and I caught up over coffee.  Then I delivered some mishloach manot to other friends, and got to visit with one---where I received a call from the young woman I had invited to come with me to see the new film "For the Love of Spock".  It seems I had not only forgotten to re-set the clocks this morning, but also  my watch had stopped.  That finally explained how they were so far along this morning in shul when I arrived.

There were some little bags of goodies waiting at my door when I got home---some with no infromation as to WHO had left them.  Grrr.  How do I know whom to thank?  Yes, yes, ultimately all is from the same Source.  Still I do like to thank those messengers who deliver G-d's goodies, with humor and love.

I think most of us heard the Megillah this year as a version of current events.  The saving grace of that is that Good wins out in the end...sort of.

It was a lifesaving gift to live two consecutive days without email.

It feels like today was an additional semi-Saturday, needed recovery time from the prior week.

I can't quite believe that tomorrow is Monday---but it is.  And I will listen once more to the radio's latest installment of the news, and hear in it our current version of the Megillah of Esther.