Perhaps trying to be in two places at once is not the best way to do Yom Kippur...I started out with the Conservative congregation with whom I often go to Thursday morning minyan.  Afternoon, I dashed over to the Jewish Renewal service to lead Yizkor.  I remembered how much I appreciated Jewish Renewal.  Then I came back and finished  where I'd started.
Lovely visit with friend/temporary housemate.  

But then I made the mistake of trying to deal with the last few days' email, and now it is after 2 a.m.
Amazing how stupid I can be, right after the wonderful concentrated day of Yom Kippur.
I am going to sleep now, and hope to be more sensible tomorrow.

The weather here is shifting, which I always find exciting.  Tomorrow I begin scouting around for what I still need for the sukkah.
Good night...