Winter Solstice

It is the longest night of the year, and the shortest entry.  

I am ready to go upstairs and take advantage of the deep darkness.

The center of my day was my meeting with a group of women; we have been meeting together on the Winter Solstice for years, wherever we are, recalibrating for the year to come.  (A she-hechiyanu:  my first adventure on ZOOM.)  All deep, and heartfelt, and useful.


The cats are telling me that it is time for bed:  that the longest night should be honored with a long and deep sleep.  A good idea, since I hope to be up early to go to minyan.

I seem to have truly spiraled inward, because I have no words to give over tonight.


I wish us all an attunement with this deepest and darkest night of the year, wordless.  May our Source nourish and keep us in the fertile Dark until it is time to emerge once more into Light.