My apologies for last night; I could not get onto my own site.  To catch up, see CaringBridge.

Well, I seem to be beginning my days (after dressing, feeding cats, making a cup of coffee etc.) with signing petitions on line, judiciously donating, and contemplating the state of the world.

I know things look grim now.  
But I seem to be experiencing this time and circumstance as a wake-up and a shake-up:  things are not as I had thought, I must make room in my mind for what I had not seen or taken into consideration, and I must wait in open expectancy for what comes next. I've no idea what shape that will take.
The image that recurs is  the creation of a powerful vortex of prayer for the good of the world, grounded in my unknowing of what form that good must take.
On a much more mundane level, three of us drove down to Denver tonight for a rehearsal for a December concert of Jewish musicians:  "Jews Do Jews".  (In past years we've done Leonard Cohen, z'l,  Simon and Garfunkel...this time it's non-specific.)  Musicians of all kinds and ages gathered in a workshop/basement in Denver, and had a ball.  It has been years since I had so much fun with others, many of us spontaneously singing backup, listening to such talented people.
In a way, it was a visit to my past:  during my adolescence, a party was a "kumsitz", where we gathered with our instruments and sang and harmonized and invented way into the night, until some neighbor finally asked us to stop already.
So I came home feeling nourished and delighted and ready to face what the next day will bring us.
(Maybe I can find some help to re-enter the Squarespace website?  It's a shameful thing when I can't get onto my own blog...)
Sweet dreams.