So Soon...

We are coming to the end of the Jewish Busy Season.
The holy days come right on top of one another, each one totally involving and totally its own, with its own requirements and its own rewards.
I have just returned from a Simchat Torah celebration at the Jewish renewal shul---truly beautiful and heartful, involving, and both celebrative and contemplative.  Each of the dances with the Torah represented one of the Sephirot---primal qualities, according to the literature of Kabbalah, from which the world was created.
Zalman had shown graphically how the year is a full cycle of the Torah by having it unrolled and held delicately and carefully by the large group of participants, creating a huge circle that filled the periphery of the sanctuary.  Then he sent people into the middle who could read and understand, and had each person holding the scroll point to the place to which they felt drawn,  hearing the sentence to which they pointed read and translated by one of the readers in the center of the circle:  a focus, piece of advice or oracle for the coming year.  
When it was my turn, I pointed, near the very beginning of Genesis, to the sun ruling by day and the moon by night.  Oh, drat:  I will have to learn to begin my night's sleep earlier, so that more of it takes place in the earlier darkness.  In the past, those hours between 11 and, say, 2 or 3 in the morning, were my favorite times for writing, singing, painting, reading---the creative or contemplative activities that love the quiet of deep night.  No phones, no visitors, nobody else's needs...But now, my body seems to be telling me, when I do the sleeping is as important as how much I sleep.

So I am going to say good night and actually go upstairs to bed; and we'll see what happens over time if I take this seriously.