Almost shabbos

First, I must have turned the alarm off in my sleep; I woke much too late for minyan.
Enjoyed the morning coffee-with-cat, watering the potted plants and irrigating the new young tree---the morning house-rituals. I find these tasks---waking and feeding the house, the plants, the cat---perfect for re-entering the world after sleep. Grateful.
I decided to do Indian food for late brunch, and returned to my car to discover that it had fainted while I ate, and could not be roused.
I talked to it, praised it, cleaned it up, sent kisses; nothing.
I called AAA.
AAA guy#1 thought it was the alternator, and sent for AAA#2, the tow truck.
We skidded into my trusty repair place just before closing; I will hear the grim---or good---news tomorrow.
I was driven home and am ready to call it a day. Food for shabbos is already prepared, challah rolls can be thawed, we are well-supplied with water from the spring.
I will see what surprises are waiting for me tomorrow.
Wishing us all a good restorative shabbos.