Still here

Still here! 

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 34 minutes ago

I find that my body is still awake from yesterday's workout, and still enjoying being here.

Out of the corner of my eye this afternoon, something brown and atypically large on the back deck---oh, a bear. How wonderful.
S/he did not find enough interesting to eat, and soon lumbered off through our back yard towards the neighbor's.
I'm happy I got to see her.

Today was catching up, cleaning up, rehearsing for tomorrow, going to my favorite paper/stationery/pens place---I finally, after all these years, bought an album for photographs. (Remember them? from before we needed "smart" devices to see photos?) The wonderful pics of our wedding have been mostly in their box in the closet since 1996. I have no idea why I felt the urge today to prepare to unpack them, but I followed the impulse. (I hear one word: "Grateful".)
The urge went as far as "prepare"---the box is still in the closet. Tomorrow I will clear the surface of the dining room table for the actual opening and spreading-out. I will bring the tissues.

On my way home from the shop, I stopped at the cemetery.
It was just before dusk, and I sat at the foot of my beloved's grave in the deepening quiet. It is such a delicate time of shifting, from the day towards the evening.
I added one lovely small tumbled stone.
I miss you.

Good night.