Shabbos, Tisha B'Av

I am looking forward to shabbos to restore my strength and hope and energy for what is to come.
We step straight from the respite of shabbos into Tisha B'Av, the commemoration and collective mourning of loss of sovreignty, loss of original homeland, loss of sense of direction.
We are in a different iteration of that state now: loss of common vision; and there are those who would take advantage of this to steal our autonomy.
Our country is doing terrible things to people who have come fleeing what they may once have thought were worse things.
I can imagine few things worse than having my babies and young children torn from me, not knowing where they were, not being able to find them in a foreign land.
Surely our insistence on commemorating our collective loss of the Temple, homes, country, autonomy every year must serve to sensitize us to the plights of others---and to the workings of karma.
I hope it also spurs us to wise and decisive action.

I wish us all a shabbat so deeply steeped in real rest, restoration and peace that we can enter truly and creatively into Tisha B'Av afterwards.