Such a day

I had two real delights today:

  • one was a scheduled long-distance phone visit with an old friend; a real pleasure

  • the other was a visit from a couple I have known since I was in my 20's, who now live in Israel; a great treat to see them

I was so delighted to see them that I did not realize I missed a standing appointment. The schedule had been disrupted for a week, and subsequently I just spaced out utterly.
Yes, I am indeed beginning to worry about my mind.
Along with the leak of fluid in my eye---the same problem which last year's surgery had apparently fixed, but which has now recurred. The eye doc says I need the same surgery all over again.
I am coming apart at the seams!

On another note entirely:
some of you who are reading this surely remember the two Jewish musician-brothers who gave us so much deep heart-nourishment and delight way back in the '70's. One of the brothers, Joseph, had a dreadful accident and spent the rest of his days paralyzed. His brother Nathan just died as well--z'l.
The link below is from when both were young men; this site says "it does not appear to be a valid youtube video"; so it won't let me turn it into a link. But if you paste it into youtube, or search for Joseph and Nathan Segal, you will find it; and it is very sweet. May they be regaling the angels.

Nathan spent his last time at his daughter's house. She depleted all of her own funds to give her father a green burial.
If anyone reading this knows how to set up a GoFundMe page, it would be a true "mitzvah shel emet" (the kind for which we do not expect to be repaid) to help her recover what she laid out to honor her father. Please let me know.

Missing my beloved.
Sending blessings.