Ghost lentils 


Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 25 minutes ago

Shabbos was quiet and private and slow.
I read, and rested, and communed with Mishka the Cat.
Late afternoon I sat on the porch swing in back, and watched the small birds come to the birdbath to drink, to fluff in the water.
Early evening, I brought seltzer to a "third meal" potluck across town.

Then I got into the car to head home...and ????
There was a recognizable scent in the car: lentils with onions.
The ghost lentils.
Their story:
A while ago, I cooked a large bowl of lentils with onions to take to a house of shiva---traditional for a house of mourning.
I loaded them carefully into the car and returned to get my purse.
I took my keys and got into the car: the lentils had disappeared.

I looked all over the kitchen, in the oven, the refrigerator, the freezer. On any likely surface in the garage. The car front and back, the seats, the floor, the trunk.

It is impossible that it had disappeared.
It had disappeared.
Where can a whole large bowl of lentils fragrant with onion go?
Were they whisked instead to the Other World?
The vanished lentils remain a mystery.
The bowl has gone missing.
Tonight, more than a month later, their ghost scent suddenly fills my car to haunt me.

As some of my relatives would say: Nu; go know.
Shavu'a tov.