Holy water

In response to Karen R's request:
Zalman heard about the work of the Japanese scientist Emoto, who claimed that the moleculare structure of water kept in vessels with positive words written on them shifted, became regular, etc. Of course this is equally disputed and "debunked"---but on the chance that it might be true, Zalman did that holy graffiti. He also wrote on the crock that holds the 3-gallon glass bottles of water that I bring from Eldorado Springs.
And if it's not---no harm done.

My adventures today involved getting quite lost twice, map and all, on the way to a dance party fundraiser for the Conservative shul. I did finally find it, and enjoy some good interesting conversations before getting back into the car and coming home.

Since the monthly Monday morning group will be arriving at 7:30 in the morning, I will sign off now and report in greater detail tomorow.
Purr from Mishka, curled on the desk beside the laptop.