Odd day...

Journal entry by Eve Ilsen — 10 minutes ago

I have been going since early morning, wakened by the operatic meow of a hungry cat.
The auto-body place arranged that I come in early this morning to finally replace the fog light that was crashed into some months ago. All is fixed.

In this community, when someone dies and is waiting at the funeral home before burial, many of us sign up for different shifts to sit with the body.

I was signed up for this evening, and no matter what I did, I could not get the lock box with the entry key to open. Nor could I get the elevator to let me out at the correct floor.
Somewhere in the middle of this, I stopped at the house of a friend I thought might help me reach someone who knew the combination...I was told she was at the shiva.

Wait a minute...If she was at the shiva, the funeral has taken place. There is no body at the funeral home awaiting burial.

I feel like I have fallen down Alice's rabbit-hole...
I hope I waken tomorrow back in my accustomed place.
Surely Mishka's reveille-meow will help.

Good night.